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EMF Exposure Meters - For Hire/Rental

EMF Exposure Meters for Hire - Book Online for Next Day Delivery

Are you concerned that the levels of electromagnetic field emissions from the equipment in your workplace is exposing your workers more than the Action Levels (AL’s) under the Control of Electromagnetic Fields at Work Regulations 2016?

Industries which use more powerful equipment may have insufficient manufacturers information to determine whether health effects AL's are exceeded.

Equipment to measure electromagnetic field radiation can be extremely expensive to buy, so when you only need to carry out infrequent assessments it makes perfect sense to hire.

On the 1st July 2016, the UK released the first ever Electromagnetic Fields regulations. Titled, "The Control of Electromagnetic Field Radiation at Work Regulations 2016", employers are now required to:

  • assess the levels of EMFs to which your employees may be exposed;
  • ensure that exposure is below exposure limit values (ELVs);
  • take action if employees are exposed to EMFs in excess of the ELVs;
  • when appropriate, devise and implement an action plan to ensure compliance with the exposure limits;
  • when appropriate, assess the risks of employee’s exposure and eliminate or minimise those risks. Ensure you take employees at particular risk, such as expectant mothers and employees with active or passive implanted or body worn medical devices, into account.
  • provide information and training on the particular risks (if any) posed to employees by EMFs in the workplace and details of any action you are taking to remove or control them. This information should also be made available to their safety representatives as appropriate; and
  • provide health surveillance or medical examination as appropriate.

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