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Castle Tool Timer GA2004 – Electronic (230V, 16A) Rental

Electric Tool Timer gA2004
Electric Tool Timer gA2004 Electronic Tool Timer GA2004
Castle Tool Timer GA2004 – Electronic (230V, 16A) Rental

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The Tool Timer from Castle is the latest ground-breaking product to help companies overcome some of the problems associated with the measurement of Hand-Transmitted Vibration and the assessment of Trigger Time. Simply attach the Castle Tool Timer to the power supply of the designated tool, and over the course of the day the timer will accurately measure how long the tool has been operating (i.e. trigger time exposure).
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Castle Electronic Tool Timer GA2004

It is often said that the simple ideas are usually the best and here is a case in point. Simple to set-up, simple to use and highly effective. The measurement of vibration levels from hand-held power tools is now a fairly well prescribed process and can be carried out with reasonable repeatability. The problem still remains, however with the assessment of Trigger Time and this can lead to large errors in a risk assessment. This is where the Tool Timer comes into its own. Simply connect the device in-line with the air or electricity supply and the built-in timer will give you the actual operation time of the tool. Preventative maintenance is another area where the tool-timer can bring great benefits. Simply by leaving the unit to measure the overall usage time of a hand-held power tool, maintenance schedules can be controlled and optimum service cycles can be monitored.
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Additional Information

Brand Castle Group
Measurement Hand Arm Vibration
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