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Outdoor Weatherproof Noise Monitoring System Rental - Castle Mirus

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Outdoor Weatherproof Noise Monitoring System Rental - Castle Mirus

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Hire the Castle Mirus Weatherproof Outdoor Monitoring System to allow you to immediately take long term outdoor noise measurements, whatever the weather conditions. The Castle Mirus Weatherproof Systems comes with a standard 140 hour battery, which can be up increased to over 40 days upon request with Castle's long term power supply.

This Mirus model comes with 1/1 Octave Band Analysis included in the price.

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Outdoor Weatherproof Noise Monitoring System Rental - Castle Mirus

The Castle Mirus Weatherproof Outdoor Monitoring System provides you with everything you need to take accurate outdoor noise measurements for short, medium or long periods of time. The Class 1 1/1 Octave Castle Mirus Features
  • Over 140 hours runtime
  • 'hot swap' for battery replacement in the field without turning off the sound meter
  • Tough, weather proof case can withstand 900Kg loads
  • External weatherproof connectors
  • Optional plug in weatherproof power supply giving a massive 40 day run time
  • The Mirus Weatherproof Kit is the perfect solution for taking accurate, continuous environmental noise readings over a period of time without having to worry about moving the kit and distorting some of the measurements. It's strong housing means that it is capable of being left outside without recieving any damage to the class 1 noise analyser housed inside. If you need a collection of environmental noise data over a long period of time this is then kit for you, the option of a longer battery life means you can continue to take your measurements for longer than ever before! Please note - Available in the UK Only.
    Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Boxed Weight (kg) No
    Brand Castle Group
    Application Environmental Noise, Long Term Noise Monitoring
    Noise Features No
    Class No
    Weightings A, C, Z
    Measurement Parameters Leq, (Percentiles) Ln's
    Application No
    Available Outside the UK? No
    In the Box
    Kit Contents GA117 MIRUS Sound Meter incl. Time History Logging Class 1 GA607 Calibrator, Dual Level, Class 1 (includes GA690 Barometer) KA021 Weatherproof system for Mirus ZL2095-04 Weatherproof Microphone Cable for KA021 4m MW403 Weatherproof Mic Housing (Mirus) SVAN Supervisor SVAN Supervisor Software for viewing and reporting data KA021EB (Optional extended battery life KA021EB)